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Nepal has earned the reputation of one of the best destination for white water rafting. Cruising down rushing river of crashing waves and swirling rapids can make up excitement of a lifetime. Rafting trip for some is the highlight of their stay in Nepal. The waters in Nepal offer something for everybody: Grade 5-5 + river with raging white water rapids for the adventurous, to Grad 2-3 River with a few rapids for novices. Rafters also have a choice ranging from two to three-week trip of two or three days. The options include padding, oaring and kayaking. Padding requires all on boat to participate with instructions from river funner.Luxury safari-style trips with full team are available too. In an oar boat, the guide rows alone giving participants a chance to observe the surroundings. Kayaking is another way to travel downstream. A few companies offer inflatable kayak, or fiberglass kayaks for hire while some arrange for kayak on their own.A typical day in the river begins early morning when participants arrive at the site. Instructions on safety and emergency situation are given to participants before the event. Life vests and helmet is worn by participants at all times during the trip. Meals are provided during the trip. Some packaged also provide river equipments and camping equipment. The best time for rafting is from October through mid-December and March through early may. In the winter hypothermia may be hindrance to some. During monsoon months of June through September, the white water actions are dangerous, but gentler stretches are easy to raft on.

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