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Welcome at Visit India (Bharat) your indispensable travel source about India - a country positioned in Asia which is experiencing an explosive growth in travel and financial industries. This guide will lead your travel to India to a satisfying level and unforgettable memories.

Some preparation will be needed when you are planning to travel to India. Visit-India will provide you global information about this massive country. The tourists sector is expanding very fast, but India still has many locations which has not been discovered yet.

India lies between the countries Pakistan, Nepal and China. The extreme diversity of sceneries are all available in this country without any limits. The north of India contains the highest mountain chain in the world and if you go down to the south, you will find tropical rain forests, plateaus, desserts and the most beautiful beaches along the Indian Ocean.

The Republic of India has a population of over 1 billion citizens, 1 of the two countries in the world which has passed this massive mark. Based om PPP (purchasing power parity), the Indian economy is the 4th largest in the world and has the world's second fastest growing economy status. International flights are transporting large quantity of tourists every year.

To save money, you can travel domestic via railway. A great adventure ride through the Indian scenery and meet local people who also are travelling to your destination.

If you have less time, there are plenty of possibillities to take a cheap flight for domestic travel. Lowcost airlines are starting to discover the market for cheap flights tourism.

This website about India contains additional information about Indian languages, Visa documents and ways to get around. Take your time to read all information on this website and your travel to India will result in a succesfull holiday.

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