Nepal Expedition - Expedition Rules and Regulations

The Royalty and the size of the Expedition Team:
More than one team may be permitted to climb Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) by a separate route each in one season.
A Royalty of US$50,000 has been fixed for Sagarmatha for a team consisting of seven members. The team may include 5 more members provided it pays extra US$ 10,000 for each additional member. The royalty includes trekking fee of the team members. The team members will be granted three months visa. Additional, US$ 20,000 will have to be paid by the team willing to scale Mt. Everest by normal south - East Ridge route.

In all regions including Khumbu, an expedition team can have up to 7 members for the minimum, and 5 more members for the additional royalty.

The team already permitted to scale Mt. Everest will have to pay US$ 10,000 if it intends to change the accent route. It will have to pay additional US$ 20, 000, if it intends to change the ascent route to normal south East Ridge route

For peaks other than Mt. Everest, the team will have to pay an additional 25% of the royalty in US$ to change the ascent route.

Expedition team must complete all necessary administrative formalities and procedures in order to send back the garbage of the expedition team to their respective countries, after the completion of the expedition. The Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation will take necessary monetary deposit from them, which will be refunded after the dispatch of the garbage from Nepal.
Royalty for the Mountaineering expedition (A) For the Mount Everest (Sagarmatha) (1) The royalty for the mountaineering expedition team not exceeding seven in number from the route other than the general route (Southeast route) shall be fifty thousand U.S. dollar. (2) The royalty for the mountaineering expedition from general route (Southeast route) for the mountaineering expedition team shall be as follows:-

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